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DIETS, DIET TIPS, EXERCICE… I’m new and I need you.

Today, I finally decided to change my life and get healthier for a better future. I’m saying goodbye to feeling fat and hello to fit me.

My weight is 49 kg (108 lb) and my height 1m59 (5.22 feet). My UGW would be around 43/45 kg (94/99 lb).

GW1: 103 lbs/47 kg GW2: 99 lbs/45 kg

HW: 50 kg (110 lb)

LW: 43 kg (94 lb)

This time, I want it to be right and I need your help. First, I have two problems.

a) On Mondays and Tuesdays, I’m obligated to eat either Mcdonalds or hot dogs, because it’s the closest thing from school and I can’t go further so that pretty much ruins everything. 

b) I don’t really have that much time to exercice, since it’s 4 weeks to go until summer and you know, finals, etc. 

So I want to lose that weight fast but not that fast so it doesn’t become too unhealthy. I’m very motivated and I’m willing to work hard. 

I just need diet plans suggestions because I don’t have any and maybe your favorite fitness tumblrs where I can find tips, exercices, etc? 

It would mean the world to me, you would help me feel good in my body. Thank you.

mosaic--broken-hearts asked: hii i read your thing on fifth harmony and i just wanted to tell you that i can totally relate i understand where you're coming from 100%, and i hope you can stay strong i love you<3

i hope so for u too<333 ily

My saviors

This year had been the hardest for me. I didn’t feel like smiling. Or doing anything. All I could think about is death. My head was all ways of killing myself, cutting, starving. I wanted to stop the pain. I just needed to stop it. I wanted it to shut the fuck up, and I couldn’t handle anymore shit. Somehow, I managed not to kill myself and began to pretend I was happy. And somehow, I was. Everyday, I watched Fifth Harmony make their dream come true. I’ve been there since they did the impossible and I could truly see myself in them. My recovery began around that time. I stopped cutting. I stopped starving. I stopped being suicidal. I still had small thoughts but their smiles, their laughs, their everything, was chasing it away. In Camila’s words, I found the love I was craving. In Lauren’s smile, I found the protection I needed. In Ally’s, I found the faith I missed. In Normani’s, I found security, stability, comfort. In Dinah’s, I found the sushine that I needed to warm my heart. In their smiles, I found mine. With their laughs, I made mine. I learned how to be happier. I managed to make my smile every day, a little bit more real. Every day I was laughing a little more. Everyday, it seemed like my life was getting better.

A week ago, with no reason, I started feeling anger, frustration (for nothing like lol) like I used to. I start yelling for nothing. I fucking cried because someone was making a noise for fuck’s sake. I felt crazy. I started thinking about cutting. I started crying again. And it keeps growing. Today is the first day I thought about actually attempting suicide… Again. I don’t want it to start again. I won’t let it start again. The girls are the reason I keep going right now. I really want it to end. But I won’t. I will keep fighting. It’s what I promised myself. Thank you, girls. For giving me a reason not to give up… I love you.

I just wrote this text because I knew it would calm me down and I needed to talk and found no one. But they are still there and nothing will ever change that.

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